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Each Member of FXCH is automatically a member of the Rules Advisory Committee, which is a consultative body whose role is to:

4.1 Propose modifications to these Rules

Each member may, at its sole initiative, communicate to the board of directors of FXCH proposed modifications to these Rules. Such propositions will be reviewed by the board of directors of FXCH and, provided that the proposition is reasonable and tends to provide a positive effect, the proposition will be communicated to other members for opinions regarding the proposed modification of rules.

4.2 Provide expert opinions

Except in the event of Unilateral Modification of Rules by FXCH as described here above, FXCH endeavours to maintain an open forum with its members and shall submit proposed changes in these Rules to its members prior to such changes.

The purpose of this exchange of opinions is to take full advantage of specific skill sets, knowledge and experience that the Members may possess, and to integrate such wisdom into the FXCH service.

To this effect, any changes in these Rules which are not urgent shall be communicated in draft form to each Member, and each member will dispose of a predetermined time to communicate comments pertaining to proposed changes to these Rules.

Following receipt of comments from Members, the board of directors of FXCH will disseminate these comments and invite all Members to discuss the issues at hand either in writing or in a meeting (physical or via teleconference) and the board of directors of FXCH will respond to such comments and may take them into consideration when implementing changes in these Rules.

4.3 Vote on Rule modifications

FXCH shall invite its Members to vote on modifications to these Rules, provided always that a vote for or against a single specific item is compatible with legal requirements, nor would tend to decrease the security of the service.

FXCH may refuse to allow one or several Members to participate in a vote on a given Rule Modification in the event that there is an actual, apparent or potential material conflict of interest.